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My name is Camilla Garcia, but everyone calls me Cami.

So let's go again.

My name is Cami, nice to meet you!

Before we start with the boring stuff here's a picture to describe myself

That's me.png

I have a BA in Graphic Design at RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts and a MA in

Strategic Advertising and Marketing Communication at University of Greenwich, London. 

I have a strong passion for both Graphic Design and Advertising. 

I am passionate about many social topics from gender equality to mental health,

but also LGBTQ+ matters, feminism themes and climate change/environmental issues.

My main goal is to use what I've learned as a graphic designer

to help make a change in the world and support causes I'm passionate about. 

If you'd like to know about what I've been up to you can find my CV below.

I am open to collaboration so if you think we can create

something good together don't hesitate to hit me up! 

You can find my email here or in my CV.

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